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20 SEPT. 2024 - Château d’Apigné (Rheu, 35), close to RENNES


On 12 June 2007, the Breton animal feed sector as a whole decided to join forces within FEEDSIM AVENIR, an evaluation and foresight association, to “build and plan together”. Breton animal feed companies from the feed producer association (Nutrinoë), alongside their business and government partners – importers of raw materials and/or grinding companies, producers of raw materials, Breton ports, and livestock breeder associations – founded this association with support from the Conseil Régional de Bretagne.

The purpose of the association is to “build relationships,partnerships, and economic analysis between stakeholders in the agricultural and food industries, located primarily, but not exclusively in Western France, and public research institutes and regional and national authorities; to analyse and consolidate the competitiveness of animal production and the animal feed sector in its broadest sense”.

Some 40 businesses belong to the association and play an active role in its working committees.

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